I Thought it Was Strange When He Wrapped His Beer Can In Raw Meat, But When I Tasted it…

There is little better than hanging out around the BBQ with your friends enjoying an ice cold beer while cooking some burgers. Well maybe there is one thing better. How about creating a beer can bacon burger? Yes, I know, sounds great. Let’s see how to do it. This cooking video is courtesy of the


Why The Holes in Swiss Cheese Are Disappearing

For centuries, the holes in Swiss cheeses like Jarlsberg were a mystery. That is, until about 1917 when a study concluded that they were the natural result of the carbon dioxide emitted by cheese bacteria fermenting. Essentially, gas was getting trapped in cheese, expanding, and making the holes “Swiss” cheese is known for. Humanity accepted this as fact


How Real Mozzarella is Made‏

Of all the cheeses, fresh mozzarella might be the easiest one for an amateur to make for themselves. It only requires 5 ingredients and about 30 minutes of your time. The end result is almost always a success: a delicious fresh cheese you can eat immediately or toss on a homemade pizza. If the ease


5 Things You Should Never Buy In Bulk

Any shopping expert will tell you that one of the easiest ways to save money is to buy goods in bulk. However, there are exceptions. USA Today recently released a list of five common household items and foods that you shouldn’t buy in bulk if saving money is your goal. 1. Soda Put down your


11 Reasons Why I’m Not Afraid Of Being Single, I’m Afraid Of Dating

We always say we humans are innately fearful of loneliness. We stay in bad relationships, relationships that bore us to tears, abusive relationships and unfulfilling relationships because we’re so petrified of the alternative: being single. It’s the idea of not having someone that makes us settle. It’s the prospect of dying alone that keeps us


Chickpea, Cucumber + Avocado Salad For A Refreshing Lunch

With the weather getting warmer, a delicious, cold, refreshing salad is sometimes just what the body needs. This delicious chickpea, cucumber and avocado salad does the trick. It only takes 10 minutes to throw together, and is perfect for summer lunches and dinner parties. Chickpea, Avocado + Feta Salad Serves 4 Ingredients 1 can chickpeas,


Recipe: Blueberry & Lemon Fudge with Creamed Coconut

By Trinity Bourne Blueberries and lemon are a match made in heaven. They dance and twirl on the taste buds creating an exquisite medley of flavours. In this recipe, I’ve added them to one of my all time trusted and favourite ingredients: ‘creamed coconut’, to create a decadent, soft fudge. It’s very rich, yet you needn’t


Cancer in a Can? The Shocking Truth Of How Pringles Are Made

Wherever you are in the world chances are stores are selling Pringles or other brands that jumped on this stackable snack hype.  Keep reading and discover the shocking truth about how Pringles are made. I’ll bet you’ll never choose this comfort snack ever again. How Pringles Are Made If you thought stackable chips came from


Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken Breasts

My meals will usually include the healthiest versions, but sometimes your body wants what your body wants and this recipe really rocks and hits the spot! Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 10-15 minutes Total time: Approx. 1/2 hour Makes: 4 servings Ingredients: 4 large boneless skinless chicken breasts 2 cups flour 4 tsp. salt


Drops For Varicose Veins – Make Them Yourself

More and more people have problems with varicose veins. There are very expensive drops that treat varicose veins. This article will help you make a great alternative to those expensive drops. Try to make very effective drops which will improve circulation. Ingredients needed: – 50 grams of dried nettle leaves – 50 grams of wort


Ingenious 3-Ingredient Solution for Removing Hard Water Stains

If hard water stains are ruining the look of your kitchen sink, then you’ll want to be in on this home remedy trick discovered by DIY Confessions. With the help of just 3 ingredients, you’ll be able to bring your dingy, grungy sinks back to their former sparkling glory. You’ll be amazed at how powerful


How To Make Soap Using Goat’s Milk And Oatmeal

Making your own soap at home is a rewarding and frugal endeavor. There are many kinds of soap that you can make, but if you’re going to make a soap for everyday use, then you can’t go wrong with goat’s milk and oatmeal. This soap is fairly simple to make and with this recipe you


Genius Watermelon Cutting Tip

This totally changed the way I cut watermelon! The simple way she cuts this watermelon by first cutting it in half. Then carefully cutting the rinds off working top down allows you to save more watermelon for eating than awkwardly working with quarter slices like my original method. I’m also curious, do any of you


Why Goat’s Milk Is Healthier Than Cow’s Milk

I love milk. Chocolate milkshakes, ice cream, lasagna, pizza … the list goes on and on of foods I enjoy that contain milk. But milk does not love me. And I’m not the only one. More and more people are becoming sensitive to milk. Whether it causes our skin to break out, or leads to


Bored With Greek Yogurt? Six Others You Should Try

A few years back, the most “adventurous” yogurt you could grab at the supermarket was key lime pie-flavored. Fast-forward to today, and a trip to the dairy aisle feels like an international expedition. Yes, Greek yogurt has seen a huge uptick in popularity, but now the flavor palette also extends up to Scandinavia, across continents