Sexy Scents That Are Proven To Seduce‏

In a woman’s life, it is inevitable that we develop feelings towards our opposite sex, men. It is human nature because even men would also pass this stage in life. This is the most exciting part because we tend to do things that are very unusual just to attract those we like. Women try to dress up with their best attire during events just to catch those glances of their men. Men also show up wearing their best suits to lure women to them. Both sexes practice similar strategies yet have the same thing on their minds!

With that said, women are more advantageous in attracting men, only because of pheromones.
Pheromones are naturally occurring substances that women secrete every time they perspire. These hormones trigger sexual desire in a form of scents that attract men. This is not only true to human beings but also even to other animal species. Women species use this powerful force to seduce the opposite sex.

Pheromones 3

Due to advancements, scientists have been able to develop products containing pheromones for that specific purpose.  In a form of perfumes, essential oils and other scented items are made available in the market in order for women to use to draw men to them.  In reality, this practice has been performed for centuries using many different types of scents but scientists have now identified the most potent.

According to a study conducted by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, a group of 31 men between the ages of 18 and 64 were exposed to a set of 24 scents selected based on the preferences expressed by the male subjects. The men demonstrated measurable physical responses related to sexual arousal in response to the scents. The surprise was that many of the scents tested were not perfumes, but common food-related odors.

Lavender, Lily of the Valley, Orange, Sandalwood and Vetiver

  Lily of the valley lavender 3 orange

  Vetiver 2

Some scents commonly associated with fragrance and perfumes produced an arousal response in the men tested in the study cited above. Lavender combined with pumpkin pie produced an arousal response in 40 percent of the test subjects. Orange scents produced a reaction in 19.5 percent of the men and lily of the valley produced a reaction in 11 percent of the men tested.  Sandalwood and Vetiver are also substances that are believed to arouse men on a chemical level.

 Pumpkin Pie, Vanilla and Cinnamon

pumpkin pie  vanilla and cinnamon

Smells commonly associated with foods generated significant responses in the test subjects. In addition to the combination of pumpkin pie with lavender, the scientists found that pumpkin pie combined with the smell of doughnuts produced a response in 20 percent of the men tested. One theory proposed by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago was that the men may be reacting to the presence of vanilla and cinnamon in the pumpkin pie, both of which have been claimed to have aphrodisiac qualities.

Black Licorice, Doughnut, Cola and Popcorn

donut 2


    black licorace

Among the more unusual scents tested and found to produce a sexually oriented response in the test subjects were black licorice, doughnut, cola and popcorn. Black licorice was found to produce a reaction in 13 percent of the men tested, both alone and combined with the scent of cola. Doughnut and cola scents combined produced a reaction in 12.5 percent of the men tested. The smell of buttered popcorn produced a reaction in 9 percent of the men tested.


Pheromones 2

The scent of frankincense is derived from resin produced by the plant, which contains chemicals that are a near-perfect match for human sexual      secretions.  However, the effect of human pheromones on sexual arousal in both men and women seems to be minimal, given that humans have lost much of the ability to seek and locate potential partners by tracking pheromones.

Have you ever caught a whiff of someone’s scent and suddenly thought that they were looking mighty fine? You’re not alone: The link between seduction and smell is as old as civilization itself. According to the story of Cleopatra, not one but two great leaders of the Ancient Roman Empire fell under her spell after smelling her perfumed concoctions. So what is it about fragrances that can bring even warlords to their knees?


The link between musk and sex is pretty straight forward: Musks replicate the odor secreted from male deer sex glands. According to Nagel, “musk is the most carnal of all fragrance ingredients. It conveys a thin skinned sensuality, and it can easily arouse all the senses.” Similarly, in Dr. Warren’s studies, musk notes were found to have highly sensuous properties. If you’re all about primal attraction, these are your go-to fragrances.

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Vanilla can get a bad rep for being plain, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Long touted as an aphrodisiac, the scent of vanilla can cause arousal and stimulation in both men and women. Nagel says that vanilla may be “soft, almost sweet, but it has a strong, intense, and animalistic facet.” As an added bonus, according to Dr. Warren: “Vanilla produces the feeling of happiness universally around the world. Of all the materials that go in fragrances, vanilla is the most liked globally.”

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According to Dr. Warren, jasmine is the most sensual of all the notes. What makes it unique is that it is a sweet floral note that also has an animalistic characteristic thanks to the presence of indole. What’s indole you ask? It’s an aromatic compound that also happens to be found in human nether regions. Kinky little flower, isn’t it? According to Nagel, jasmine exudes “an optimistic solar scent, but with a sensual facet.” Imagine the bubbly girl next door by day, temptress by night.

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Peppermint isn’t usually a scent you would associate with sexiness, but according to Nagel, it’s an overall “energizing scent, with fresh and fusing notes that release feelings of excitement.” Scientific studies have also repeatedly shown that the smell of peppermint has a positive effect on mental stimulation, alertness, and physiological arousal. Dr. Warren agrees that “peppermint is a fragrance that really stimulates and opens all the senses with a secondary effect of making people feel happy.” As far as we’re concerned, these are all good things when it comes to spending time with a mate.

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